Library Update- February, 2020

It is expected that the Union Vale Town Board will vote on Thursday, February 20th on the most recent proposal from the Mid-Hudson Library System. The four libraries involved have spent much time trying to address the concerns of the Town Board. Although this information has not been posted on the Town of Union Vale web site, it appears that the offer on the table includes a six year contract, with an initial contribution of $77,935 and a cost of living adjustment every two years. The money is available in the current budget and if the Town Board approves this proposal, Union Vale residents will continue to have unrestricted services at the four libraries.


What can you do to show your support of this contract?

  • Attend the Town Board meeting on Thursday, February 20th at 7:30 in the town hall.
  • Consider speaking at the meeting in support of the library- there is a 3 minute limit.
  • Send or deliver a letter to the Town Clerk to be read into the record of the meeting
  • Send an e-mail to the members of the Town Board.

Union Vale Town Board Members





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