January 2021 Update on Town of Union Vale Issues

As we move into 2021 and look forward to a new administration at the national level, there are a few things that deserve our attention at our local level:

  • Library Update: Town of Union Vale residents are under restrictions at our nearby libraries since our town board decided not to renew the contract with the Mid-Hudson Library System, which would have allowed unrestricted use of Beekman, LaGrange, Millbrook and Dover Plains libraries. The town has provided alternate services via the internet, but they do not meet the same needs to which many library users have grown accustomed. Repeated inquiries have been made as to what the future plan is for library services for Union Vale residents, however the response remains that a group of volunteers is working on it. No plan has been shared.
  • Annexation of Property: A public hearing was held about the annexation of Tymor Park property that lies within Beekman’s borders. Beekman residents spoke up against the annexation since they are leery that Union Vale would pursue building a cell tower there. Our town board, along with some UV residents noted the positive aspects of allowing all of Tymor Park to fall within our town borders.
  • The Furnace Pond Dam: The Furnace Pond Dam has been studied by engineers and the town board will soon make a decision whether to repair and maintain the dam or to get rid of the dam and let the area that is now a pond revert back to its natural form.
  • Town Board Meetings: The Union Vale Town Board meets twice a month. The first Thursday is a workshop which has no agenda and is not taped for viewing by residents. The meeting on the third Thursday of the month is available on YouTube, and currently on Zoom by request. The agendas have been made available close to the day of the meeting. There is a three minute time limit on public comments. The town board does not respond to any comment, nor do they answer any questions. Some residents are frustrated by these limitations.
  • Lack of Transparency and Responsiveness: Overall, it seems there is a lack of transparency on the part of the Union Vale Town Board. Questions are asked multiple times at meetings and in writing and either no response is given, or it is vague and pushed off to a future time.

If these issues concern you, or if you have other topics that you want to bring to the attention of the town board, we urge you to speak up. It is important that new voices and points of view be heard.  You can reach us at:  email the committee

Town Board members can be reached at:








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