March 5, 2020 Town Board Working Meeting

March 5, 2020  Town Board Working Meeting

  1. There will be information on the Union Vale Town website about signing up to benefit from the solar project. There was some discussion about making sure local workers would be hired as the project is built. In the end it was decided that the Town Board would post available jobs on the website, but East Light would be responsible for hiring.
  2. They are still waiting on a decision about the cell tower.
  3. 11 Tymor Park Road: There was some disagreement about how much renovation needs to be done on the building to make it available for rent. There seem to be two sets of opinions. Two of the Councilmen (Steve and Kevin M.) commented about how the house could be renovated quickly and relatively cheaply to make it ready to rent to a family. Supervisor Maas seems more inclined to conduct a more expensive renovation to make the building available as a party/wedding venue in addition to short term rentals. There are concerns about either choice. Renting to a family requires working out security issues as they need access to the home after park hours. Opening it up as a short term rental would require a business plan to make sure it is a viable option. They seem ready to spend $5,600 for an architect to measure and determine the cost for renovations.
  4. 2 Tymor Park Road: There is interest from a soccer school. They have offered to pay half rent ($1,000) per month until August when they will pay full rent and start using the building. They would like a 24 month lease. There would be eight young men, ages 15-19, along with two RA’s living in the house. They would play soccer and go to school elsewhere. They will only be there for part of the year, spending the rest of the year in Spain. There was a lot of discussion and hopefully more answers will be forthcoming.
  5. Supervisor Maas reported about three quotes they received to repair the tennis courts. The highest quote was $88,300 which would be a total revamp. The lowest was around $16,000, which would repair the surface and reline it. Jake would work with this company to learn how to upkeep the courts so that the town can maintain the courts in the future. The Town Board was leaning towards the lower bid, making sure the contract contained some missing items- such as including the lines for pickle ball.
  6. Just as we were leaving, Councilman McGivney asked Supervisor Maas if it was possible to get agendas for Town Board Meetings ahead of time. Councilman Frazier requested them the Friday before so that he had the weekend to review them and then some time to reach out to people for more information. They cited other Town Boards that did this. A concerned resident asked for them to be posted on the Town website ahead of time. These requests were not received well by Supervisor Maas and no decision was made.

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