News from Union Vale Town Board; March- May 7, 2020

News from Town of Union Vale Town Board; March- May 7, 2020

The most recent meetings have been held via Zoom and sometimes the audio was difficult to understand because of echoes and other problems. Every attempt has been made to make this summary accurate.

  • The highway department and parks department have worked throughout the New York Pause as essential workers. Roads are being paved, potholes filled, picnic tables repainted, floors in the Senior Citizen room and the big area room have been refinished, trails have been cleared, etc.
  • Other town employees and the Town Board are working from home successfully. They will continue to do this, possibly starting to come in on a rotating business as the restrictions are lifted. They urge all residents to continue to stay home and wear masks when they have to go out.
  • 2 Tymor Park – quotes for electrical and fire detection work have been received.  Agreement to give electrical work to RSH Electric for approximately $3K.  Agreement to give fire detection work to Vector with an understanding that they must pay “prevailing wage” (Steve F would not agree without understanding that “prevailing wage” would be paid). This work needs to be completed to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.
  • A 26 month lease has been agreed upon for Pathfinder Academy to rent 2 Tymor Park. It will house 2 RA’s and 8-10 student athletes. They will attend school at a location in Salt Point.
  • Library Services- It is anticipated that MHLS will implement restrictions once re-opening takes place.   Betsy stated that she will ear-mark $15 to $20K of the funding that was approved for MHLS Library payment for what was referred to as temporary Union Vale library services and the remaining portion of the roughly $80K that was approved for library payment will be used to off-set pandemic-related revenue losses.  A group of residents (a “committee”) who are developing a plan to seek donations for a UV Town Library will present at the 5/21 Board meeting.
  • Betsy explained the loss of projected revenue for the town due to a drop in sales tax they normally receive from the county, as well as a drop in mortgage tax revenue. They have also lost revenue from programs normally held in the park and summer camp is uncertain at this time. They are looking for ways to close this gap, such as putting off adding money to a reserve fund for the barn roof and taking $60,000 from the money budgeted for library services.
  • Summer camp- there was much discussion about the obstacles and challenges. Everyone will need appropriate PPE, handwashing stations need to be adequate and accessible, the playground and restrooms need to be disinfected throughout the day, the density of all activities needs to be monitored, social distancing in the pool area needs to be maintained, staff needs additional training, etc. Betsy is in constant communication with the county. Once clear guidelines are set, the town board will need to decide whether it makes sense to hold the camp.



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