Platform of the Union Vale Democratic Committee

The Union Vale Democratic Committee is a local division of the Dutchess County Democratic Party, as well as the NY State and National Democratic Party. We espouse the values of strength at home and respect in the world community. A free society requires an informed electorate living in a healthy, stable community governed by freely elected, accessible, and accountable public leaders. To that end, the Union Vale Democratic Committee values policies that support social justice, accountability, accessibility, a healthy environment, and a sound economy in our town.


  • Ensure transparency and honesty in everything that we do.
  • Actively engage with residents to develop and publish meaningful goals, strategies and business plans that make sense and meet resident needs.
  • Create, publish and maintain a 5-year strategic plan for the entire town.
  • Put residents first, including holding periodic open forums for residents and the town to exchange ideas and develop plans.
  • Publish agendas well prior to town meetings and provide residents with sufficient ability to comment.
  • Continually improve recreation services and our town parks.
  • Ensure that Union Vale is an attractive place to live and work.
  • Work cooperatively with neighboring towns, county and state government.
  • Restore full library services.
  • Adhere to legal/regulatory requirements.


  • Monitor and address clean water and other environmental issues.
  • Encourage residents, businesses and the town government to transition to alternative green energy sources by providing education and access to resources when possible
  • Support the continued work of the Conservation Advisory Commission to research and protect the natural resources of the town.
  • Commit to environmental and public health/safety.
  • Preserve the history and rural nature of our town.
  • Promote residential participation in preserving and improving our town’ s natural environment.


  • Provide taxpayers with detailed, online, easily accessible budgets, including standard expense codes.
  • Assure fair taxation with a full explanation of the process of annual adjustments of as- sessed values on property.
  • Publish results of all audits online.
  • Practice fiscal responsibility, including effective use of any surplus funds to meet resident needs.


  • Promote awareness of issues that affect equality.
  • Make Union Vale a welcoming community for all residents.
  • Imbed social justice in all town board decisions.
  • Promote and welcome diversity.

*updated March 2021


2 thoughts on “Platform

  1. c.Fairchok

    What has happened to the dem meetings since covid? What safety efforts or changes have happened if people want to attend?

    Please update your library info since the recent meeting on Zoom.

    Why do we have to do internet searches to find out who is listed as part of your group and find out what their histories are? You have reps for different sections of Unionvale but only this response area that I am using now. No other means of communication. No phone numbers or message service, no emails or anything other than this or facebook. Some do not / or will not use facebook. Perhaps more anonymous email addresses for use may be worthwhile.

    1. Sue Kilcrease

      The Union Vale Dems are currently meeting on Zoom on the fourth Wednesday of the month. If you are interested in joining us, you can email
      Thanks for your feedback. We are working on different ways to communicate and reach more people in the community.


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