Tyler Irish- Candidate for Dutchess County Legislature District 24

Tyler joined our February 24, 2021 Union Vale Democratic Committee meeting. He outlined  his major interests in running for the district which encompasses all of Union Vale except District 1:

Bring sustainable businesses to the area

    • Leverage farms, hiking
    • Geotourism
    • Provide more access to basic services for residents


    • Seeks way to promote clean environment
    • Worked to have all lighting in Dover be LED’s

Constituent Contact

    • Transparency
    • Communication with constituents

Prior to the meeting he submitted this brief bio to help us understand his commitment to this area.

“I’m 35 years old and a lifelong resident of Dover, NY. I grew up in the hamlet of Dover Plains. I still live in the heart of town with wife Alexandra. Growing up here, I witnessed firsthand the impact the closing of both state hospitals had on our area. I don’t feel Dover ever really recovered. Our district desperately needs sustainable and equitable economic development. A lot of people from my generation have left for greater opportunity, and I think we risk losing a lot more young people if we can’t provide quality employment here. 

I currently own and operate a small residential painting business. I also try to be as active as possible in my community. Unfortunately Covid prevented a great deal of that last year, but I will include a list of community organizations I am a part of below.

I am a board member on The Harlem Valley Chamber of Commerce.

I am president of Solutions For A Better Dover. We are a community run organization with the goal of improving Dover through volunteer projects.

I am a member of The Harlem Valley Appalachian Trail Committee.

I am a member of the Sustainable Dover Task Force. We are an organization focused on writing a sustainability chapter or guideline for our town’s updated comprehensive plan.

I am also group administrator on the ‘Support Harlem Valley Businesses During The Covid-19 Pandemic’ Facebook group. I have been trying to promote as many local businesses as possible during the pandemic, and have been encouraging others to do the same.”

The Union Vale Dems endorsed Tyler and encourage others to support his candidacy.


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