“Show Up, Dive In, and Stay at It” President Obama

As usual President Obama found the right words to describe citizens who change the world for the better:

Active Citizens are those who

“Show up

Dive in

Stay at It”

Please get actively involved. We need you.

This year will be key to regaining Congress in 2018 and undoing much of the harm done by a minority of misinformed voters who were appropriately angry at the imbalance of resources and opportunities that seven years of a Republican dominated Congress has brought them.  Now is the time to Make America America Again, a land which celebrities diversity, education, well paying jobs, equal opportunity for all, and the rule of law based on verifiable evidence.

But first we must attend to our local elections to be held this November 7,2017.

In this summer or our discontent with the Trump administration and his erosions of American values, we are in the midst of our door to door canvassing of Union Vale voters. We are still getting signatures so that our candidates can get on the ballot in November. If you would like to drive our canvassers to the doors, please give us a call at 223-5734 (Bill McCabe). If we’re not at home, please leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

On November 7, 2017, we will be voting for one Supreme Court Justice for the 9th Judicial District, one Dutchess County office: County Comptroller ( the elected official who keeps an eye on receiving and spending tax monies ), one county legislator for each of our two legislative districts in Union Vale (yes, we were gerrymandered into two legislative districts), and Town of Union Vale offices: Supervisor, two Town Council members, Town Clerk/Registrar of Vital Statistics/Tax Collector,  one Town Justice,  and a Highway Superintendent.

In regard to the Tax Collector position, our newly elected Town Board members upon hearing that Mrs. Bonk, then sitting Tax Collector, was choosing to retire, voted to incorporate that job into the job of Town Clerk as is done in other towns. In so doing no one lost a job and the tax payers now can pay their taxes on the workweek of the Town Hall and not on part time hours. This is a win/win because tax rate problems were never dealt with by the tax collector, so a more efficient situation has arisen without acquiring another town employee.

Registration for the PRIMARY (this is an election WITHIN one party) election is August 18 and the  PIMARY election is on September 12. There is no word yet as to whether any political party will have a primary.


If you need to register, call 223-5734 and we will bring a registration form to you which you then fill out and return. Any person who will BE 18 by the General Election may register to vote in it this year.


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