Update on Library Service from May 21 Town Board Meeting

Peter Krulewitch presented the plans of a committee which has been formed to raise funds to create a Town of Union Vale library. Some of the highlights of his presentation include:

  • They would form a 501c3, allowing them as a non-profit to be a tax-exempt, charitable organization.
  • He mentioned disagreements with Beekman Library, along with wanting more control over library services and finances, as the reason why the town is pursuing building their own library.
  • He mentioned that an architect has looked at the town buildings and gave a broad estimate of $250,000 to convert a space into a library. It is not clear which building would be converted nor whether this architect is familiar with the space requirements of a library.
  • He mentioned it would be a good employment opportunity for Union Vale residents. It is not clear if there are qualified residents who would be interested in a position in the library.

Many of us were left with more questions than answers, such as:

  • What resources, including print materials, media and computers would be included?
  • What would the qualifications of hired staff be and how many staff would be hired?
  • What programs would be offered?
  • Would the library be part of MHLS?
  • When would a business plan be available so residents can compare the services already provided by having a contract with MHLS with what would be provided by a new town library?
  • How will ongoing costs, such as staff, resources, utilities, maintenance, etc. be funded? How much will that cost per year?

Here is a link to guidance provided by the NYS Education Department:

No information was provided about interim replacement services that would be provided to Union Vale residents until the new library is created.

Four Union Vale residents wrote letters to the board about their concerns and attended the meeting via Zoom, but they were not allowed to read their comments.

If you are concerned about losing the library services you currently enjoy, and if you are concerned about the cost that the town will incur by forming their own library please contact the Union Vale Town Board members. Visit the Town of Union Vale website to find out how to attend upcoming meetings (June 4th- working meeting and June 18th- Town Board Meeting).

Here is the linkĀ 


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